What Does Professional Home Staging Cost?

Note: Credit for the bulk of this article goes to Home Matters.   Some of the article has been modified to reflect local information or my own comments.

Staging your home gives potential buyers (or renters, for that matter) the chance to visualize each room as a livable, welcoming space. It’s hard to convey that feeling with plain walls and a bare open area.

But what’s the real value of investing in professional staging? When you’re on the fence, it helps to know that you have options. Your home and budget can benefit from a couple of different setups.

Vacant Home Staging Benefits

Whether you’ve already moved all of your belongings and furniture out, or your place is brand-new, vacant home staging can be a fantastic choice for sellers and property managers. Your empty home needs some care to really attract the right buyers. It’s the same for buyers, renters, and apartments. Owners can always use professional staging as part of their marketing efforts. Pictures look so much better when you can create a little depth of field with furniture and accent pieces.


Not having a fridge hooked up could have easily turned this kitchen’s picture into something stark and empty. But when we turn on the lights and add in some modern barstools and plants for the countertop, we set up a bright, inviting scene. Good staging companies know how to maximize on the style of the existing space. That’s why we chose this type of seating. It’s a great complement to the different architectural textures.


Options with Partial Staging


Of course, you don’t need to go all-out and have an entire home staged. There are plenty of ways you can still get professional staging that honors your budget. Partial staging can work with items you already own. Your staging company will just reevaluate the furniture placement and add in great accessories and accent pieces to tie the room together. This is also called occupied home staging.


These types of arrangements should help you cut back on your spending while still giving your listing the polished look you want. Consulting with a designer can help you analyze your options. Some rooms might do better with extra attention. Take a look at the whole picture of your home to find the right balance for your investment. Then you’ll really be able to make the most of your home’s listing and sale.


What Staging Really Costs


The cost of staging varies based on your area, and even companies within the same zip code can have wildly different quotes. As with most home projects, though, you pay for what you get. An experienced team will rise about the competition. Checking out the portfolio of each staging company can usually give you a better idea of their quality of work. That, and your initial consultation, can help you decide whether you’ve found your fit. Personality definitely makes a difference with your designer!


Although you may be a little wary of the next steps with your listing, there are a handful of stats that prove staging is worth the investment. For starters, most real estate agents are big proponents of staging before putting a home on the market. Staging really moves properties, and having a solid collection of stunning photographs goes a long way for buyers. The fact that staged homes spend almost 75 percent less time on the market is certainly a big plus.


In addition to faster sales, professional staging can also help sellers get higher offers. One statistic shows that staged homes, on average, go for 6 percent more than the asking price. While this isn’t a guarantee, it’s an encouraging piece of information. Compare that with the overall home staging ROI. This boost in sales price can equate to an ROI of ten times your initial investment. What other home upgrades have that sort of track record?

Talking with your local home staging company can give you a better idea of the options you have with your own home. Whether you go for a vacant home staging or an occupied staging plan, you’re sure to get a good return on your investment!

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